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Now it’s time to say goodbye, . . .


Last April, we quietly noted our ten-year anniversary at Frank’s Karma Café. Too tired to make a big deal about it, we let it pass without any fanfare.


Anthony Bourdain once wrote that the restaurant business is a young man’s game. Cliff and I are both in our early 50’s now, and we’re tired. It’s like we’ve been chained to a treadmill for 10 years. It doesn’t help that we stubbornly refuse to take any of the short cuts that would make our lives easier in favor of fulfilling our mission of bringing great food to great people, including waking up every day before the bars close to bake bread.


Don’t get us wrong, we loved our mission and all of the things we’ve learned and the thousands of wonderful people we have met over the last decade, but it’s time for a change. We have a list of projects lined up, and we’re looking forward to what comes next.


I will be eternally grateful to Cliff for expending so much of his energy supporting the crazy lifestyle we’ve lived these years. This wasn’t his mission (he had no idea what we were getting into) but he was 150% in support of mine. He’s likely to find something easier and more remunerative fairly quickly. Thanks too to the handful of employees who have worked long and hard in a very stressful environment. May you all have the success you deserve.


We intend to stay open until around the 30th of this month, giving you all a last chance to get your favorite Frank’s items. We’re also taking orders for Christmas.


Thanks to everyone who has supported us during our journey. We’ll miss you.


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